Transformative Power of Communal Contemplation

A half day program in person or on ZOOM

Today the divisions among us as a people seem to be widening. The issues of injustice are more complex. Albert Einstein believed that we cannot address the problems of today out of the same consciousness which created them. This program explores how consciousness develops over time and how the emerging stage of consciousness embodies many of the values of the Gospel.

It offers a challenge to people of faith to claim the power of prayer and explores the transformative role communal contemplation plays in opening up other ways of seeing how to be and act in the world.

This program will be in two parts. The first will explore how consciousness develops in an evolutionary way and its impact on what we are experiencing today. The second focuses on contemplation as a spiritual practice and how it transforms us over time.

The presentations will involve input, process and contemplative practice.

Contact: Nancy Sylvester, IHM at

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