CSN Reflection for August 2020

During the height of the lockdown in New York City, a screen at Times Square flashed a message. It read: “For those fighting for our lives, thank you.” Do you ever think about the fact that in reality, that is just what you are doing every morning as you sit in contemplative prayer? “Just how is that,” you might be asking?
As an integral aspect of the evolution of the human, contemplative practice carves out greater spaciousness in consciousness thus creating new realms of response-ability. This makes it possible for us to act with greater freedom and creativity. These newfound capacities create an energy which spreads beyond the self to others who are open and receptive. There is more. Scholar, author, and Carmelite nun Constance FitzGerald tells us that this energy reaches into future generations offering possibilities for transformed personal and communal identities. *She reasons that mystics such as Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena and Julian of Norwich through their contemplative practice “carved into evolution a pathway [now] available to us.” 
Quite amazing to reflect on all that is held in our simple decision to continue to practice faithfully. In the quiet of our rooms, our chapels, our own hearts we are (again in FitzGerald’s words), “Making our own evolutionary contribution toward laying down permanent capabilities for creative communion and cutting deep cosmic tendencies for transforming love and relationality into the Universe.” We are fighting for the life of the world. Keep sitting.
Margaret and Nancy
            *2017 LCWR Outstanding Leadership Award Acceptance Remarks, August 2017
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