Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection for September 2023

And yet again the seasons change.  And yet again we hear the words of the ancients:  “Summer’s untruth was enfolded within itself as it promised us full, wild and voracious life forever.”  And yet again all around us (at least in the Northern hemisphere) we see with our own eyes the dying back of life.

And yet again the call to wisdom stirs from deep within beckoning us to see more deeply, to look into the heart of death and see the hidden promise of life.  Hold within the palm of your hand a cold, hard, apparently life-less seed.  Rest in the silence of individual or communal contemplative practice. Allow Light and Brilliance to suffuse your vision, remembering that theologian Raimon Panikkar tells us that the word for God has its origin in the Sanskrit words for light and brilliance.  Allow Light and Brilliance to penetrate the darkness of the seed, …the ongoing war, racial bias, growing antisemitism, partisan political divide…allow Light and Brillance to penetrate….

Don’t miss the beauty as once again the seasons’ change call us into deeper and deeper contemplative practice, into deeper and deeper encounter with Light and Brilliance, even if hidden in the darkness.


Margaret and Nancy

PS:  We hope you enjoyed the summer’s change inviting you into “Visio Divina.” Shall we do it again next year? Please let us know!   

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