Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection for October 2023

Every day I receive the newsletter The Morning from the New York Times.  In a recent edition, after outlining all the bad news of our day,  (I will spare you the litany), the author concluded “All these developments are signs that the world may have fallen into a new period of disarray.”  It struck me as the understatement of the year as once again the world stands on the precipice of disaster.  

The question though may be, “Where do we stand?”  Where is the space which is capable of holding the horrific suffering of the innocent and, might we even ask, the even more horrific state of mind and heart that makes one capable of inflicting such suffering?  Teachers of contemplative practice—indeed Jesus himself– tell us the challenge is not to give into the temptation to look away, but rather to walk, interiorly at least, into the heart of it all, to hold it, and through and with a strength greater than our own to wait for transformation. Indeed fidelity to our contemplative practice and the authentic action that may flow from it has perhaps never been so important.

Let us take courage in the fact that we do not sit alone, but thousands perhaps even millions from all over the world are praying that all that creates war may be transformed by the energy of Love.  Keep sitting.

In deep solidarity,

Margaret and Nancy

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