Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection for March 2024

As Spring bursts forth we move into the celebration of the great feasts of liberation both in the Jewish and Christian communities. Easter closes out the month of March and Passover ushers in the final days of April.  These feasts mark archetypal movements of the human spirit, indeed of the global human community as we struggle to move from slavery to freedom.  Marion Anderson in a moving Black History program aired on PBS is reported to have reminded us that as long as another is held down, we too must stay back to hold them down and so neither of us can fly.  Once again we are face to face with our interconnectedness as humans, even as the global climate crises reminds us of our entanglement with planet Earth herself.


Through fidelity to contemplative practice our feet are set on the long journey from slavery to freedom.  In the deep silence of practice we are led to loosen our grip on all that prevents us from acknowledging Earth as Mother and each other as sister and brother.  The entanglement is indeed profound and we are daily reminded of it  by both scientist and theologian these days.  Contemplative practice mentors us in a deeper understand that each step toward the “We” nudges not only ourselves but also the global community toward peace—no matter what the pundits say and where the doomsday clock is set.


Former Boston Globe science writer Chet Raymo has perhaps written the text of the Passover/Easter card for all of us with his words:  “All of my life has been a relearning to pray—a letting go of incantational magic petition and vain repetition of ‘me Lord me’; instead watching attentively for the light that burns at the center of every star, every cell, every living creature, every human heart.”  As we celebrate the great feasts of this season let us cup in our own hands the light of resurrection freedom burning at the heart of the Universe.  Keep sitting.


Blessed holidays to all,

Margaret and Nancy




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