Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection for May 2017

Recently someone asked me,” What happened to truth?”  With exasperation the questioner tagged on, “We used to love it!”  Pulitzer Prize winner and presidential biographer, Jon Meacham, is asking the same question in a new pod-cast entitled, “Fate of Fact.” In the opening episodes he points to fear as “a” if not “the” underlying factor that is driving much of the polarization we are experiencing today.   Fear, we know, gives birth to anger and suspicion and all too often truth becomes a causality. 
They say the expression “Fear Not,” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible.  All too often fear points to a lack of interiority.  It appears some deep level of attachment and groundedness in the Divine is lacking.  Consequently, one clings to all kinds of things.  What is clung to is secondary.  What is primary is the clinging.   Enter the practice of contemplative sitting, alone or with others.  In the deep and daily silence, we are mercifully led through, not around the fear. We discover or rediscover something new.  Listen:
Over time anger and suspicion are softened and eventually released to love. Our hearts and minds are opened. We have been re-made in the silence.  The truth has set us free.  Our contemplative practice has been transformational and we can now offer this much needed gift to our country and our world so in need.  
Keep Sitting.
Margaret and Nancy
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