Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection for August 2017

It was a beautiful summer’s evening on the Mississippi.  As we glided along the river I found myself thinking out loud:  “All we need now is a bald eagle.”  Within minutes my friend Betsy’s husband, Tom, pilot of the boat pointed to his left and exclaimed, “Look there, a bald eagle.”   I wasn’t prepared for the next question.  It was, “Shall we try and catch up with it.?”  Spontaneously and with great excitement, I responded, “Yes!”  With that Tom opened the throttle on the boat and we sped across the water until we were directly under the majestic creature, watching it flap it wings as it gracefully made its way across the evening sky. How truly thrilling to be so close to an eagle being an eagle! 

Every morning we get to witness another miracle of sorts.  It’s watching human beings be human as individuals or in common, a session of contemplative sitting takes place.  We do what only we can do.  We exercise our self-reflexive awareness and turn toward God.  Devoid of wings we soar by repeatedly letting of our thoughts, emptying ourselves so that we can make more space for the Divine in ourselves and in our world.  How thrilling to be so close to the repeated in-breaking of God.  Keep on sitting

Margaret and Nancy

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