Have you noticed the multiplicity of styles of the American Flags lately?   There are ones with black stripes and blue stripes and just the other day I happened upon a totally black flag.   “Old Glory,” as my father was fond of calling her, was covered over on both sides with a solid piece of black cloth.   However, if you looked closely and the sun shone just right the traditional stars and stripes were visible underneath.   
It seems that not just the flag but so many things today are taking on a multiplicity of both appearance and meaning that we are often left feeling dizzy, frustrated and at times, even unmoored from our deepest values.  “If you look closely and sun shines just right…” These words call deeply to the contemplative practitioner.   Contemplative practice alone or with others silences or at least calms the unceasing barrage of thoughts and images.  The poet writes of “Golden particles traversing the water’s depth, descending and finally coming to rest on the level bed so that water’s absolute transparence is complete.” Then she asks the question: “Is this the place where you are brought in meditation?” *
Just where are you brought in contemplative practice?  What or whom do you experience alone or with others? Does it help you to look closely, to see what is visible underneath?  The words placed on the lips of Jesus in the Gospel of John reverberate down through the centuries, “Come and see.”
Blessings during this autumn season!
Margaret and Nancy
*Denise Levertov, “Sands of the Well”

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