Contemplative Sitting Network Reflection

Have you noticed? The light has changed — at least here in the East where I am writing this–and the Spring Equinox is still about two weeks away!   It’s very subtle, but it is a discernible change. The light seems sharper and clearer. Can we say it is more luminous?
Noticing even the slightest change is often a gift of regular contemplative practice. It is utterly amazing how simply sitting and doing nothing can help us to see so much! Sometimes we are happy with the change we see; at other times not so much. Seeing the beauty of nature as the seasons change enthralls us all. Noticing how we contract into a smaller self in the face of challenge, insult or even rebuke is another matter. The fact is that both can be gifts of an expansiveness born of the ever-deepening consciousness of love taking root in us. 
In and through contemplative practice alone or with others the Divine works these transformations in us. It is all mercy—“Mercy within mercy, within mercy,” as Thomas Merton said. For the sake of the life of the world, let us open to this transformative action. Keep sitting and don’t forget to notice the miracle of changing seasons wherever in the world you are!
Best Wishes,
Nancy and Margaret
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