Nancy Sylvester, IHM

Executive Director

Nancy Sylvester, IHM founded the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue (ICCD) in 2002.

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Vernice Solimar, PhD

Program Team Member

Dr. Vernice Solimar joined with the Institute for Enter the Chaos: Engage the Differences to Make a Difference in 2018.

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Dora Lezovich


Rebecca Hodge, OP



 Special thanks to Arlene Ashack, IBVM who created the ICCD logo; and the current Board of Directors of the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue, Kath Phelan, OP, Jen Discher, Arlene Ashack, IBVM, Susan Schorsten, HM, Nancy Sylvester, IHM; and past Board members, Dorothy Ettling, CCVI, (RIP), Linda Haydock, SNJM, Jane Herb, IHM, Bette Moslander, CSJ, (RIP), and Marge Polys, IHM.

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