“This has been a life changing experience. I am feeling empowered. I will keep moving forward on awakening my consciousness.”
“It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. It fed me intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, relationally.”
“I was hoping for a space of mutual learning, contemplation and inquiry—I received so much more.”
“This retreat has definitely opened a deeper place from which to engage the world and witness and encourage its growth and unfolding.”

Welcome to ICCD

If you are feeling that we are living in a time of chaos yet believe there must be new ways of responding—Welcome to the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue (ICCD). ICCD believes that the crises we experience today need to be addressed at a new level of consciousness and that contemplation invites us to that transformation. Since its foundation in 2002, ICCD has attracted social justice activists, educators, spiritual directors, leaders of religious congregations—people committed to working for systemic change—who experienced impasse—or a ‘no-way out’ situation—in their personal, political or ecclesial lives. They knew something was wrong and desired to engage the situation from a place of inner strength shaped by their spirituality. Through our programs rooted in communal contemplation and dialogue hundreds of people have come to a new understanding of how to be and act in responding to this moment in our evolutionary journey. This web site offers a rich collection of reflections on understanding what is happening today drawing on numerous sources to make connections among contemplation and the development of consciousness, breakthroughs in cosmology and evolution, insights of quantum physics to name a few. It explores what it means to exercise contemplative power and most recently to address the growing polarization we experience so as to make a difference. 

 The site contains a footprint of the earlier ICCD programs as reflections explore contemplation, dialogue and impasse (see navigation menu-above). Although ICCD is rooted in the Catholic tradition, the vision that shapes our beginning reflects a much more inclusive worldview. If you are relatively new to contemplation you will find a rich treasure trove of reflections on contemplation in general as well as contemplative practice and living contemplatively.  This includes a monthly reflection in the Blog section and an invitation to join our virtual Contemplative Sitting Network 

 Please make sure you look at the programs we offer. Our current program, Enter the Chaos: Engage the Differences to Make a Difference, is being offered throughout the country. Perhaps you will be able to participate in one of them. 




I hope you enjoy browsing the site. We are very excited as what you see is brand new. We’ve totally reorganized the website and hope to continue to enhance and develop it. Be patient if a click doesn’t take you to where you thought you wanted to go as we are still tweaking it. Just keep coming back.   

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